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The word by definition means a service that is provided purely and exclusively when someone wants to offer it out of their own free will, without expecting any kind of reward. Our motto is about helping people and making life better for everyone. Helping has its own rewards and Rotary is the organization you hand if you are ready to offer your skills and life to the service of others.

Savoring the smile of a child that you just helped go to school for the first time in their life, or receiving the gratitude of a village that your actions helped get clean water, is a much higher reward than money. It’s a reward that will stay with you for as long as you shall live. You may soon forget that you ever received any kind of material reward for something you did. But you will NEVER forget a project that you designed, you executed, you went through all its hardships and good times and in the end saw it completed all the way to the end. And what will remain deeply engraved into your soul is the effect that your project had on people. This feeling is priceless. This feeling is the epitome of who you are.

However, volunteering is not just about doing things. It’s also about meeting other like-minded people and making friends. Making life better is not just the actions you take. It is also about spreading goodwill and creating relationships between people. Creating bonds that can never be broken.

Do you want to feel it? Do you want to help people? Are you capable of putting together an idea that will change lives for the better? If your answer to all the questions above is a definite and unconditional “yes”, then you are most welcome to join our ranks. Just press the button below and you will be on your way to something unique.