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Getting involved is all about you. Your passion. Your dreams. Your desires.

There are three ways anyone who wants to help people can get involved into Rotary. As a partner, as a member or as a supporter. It doesn’t matter which way you will choose to contribute. What matters is that you have the passion to help. What makes the difference is that you have dreams you want to see come true. And of course the desire to see your effort through to the end.

You only need two things to get involved:

  • Time
    You may think that you may have to devote all your available hours to contribute to our goals. Wrong. You may have only a few hours free or even a few minutes. It is sure that there will be some program or project that you can pitch in and make a huge difference even during those few minutes.
  • Energy
    This is quite self-explanatory. To make a contribution to our goals you will need to devote some or all of your energy towards whatever it is that you will be called upon to help.

What you will get in return:

  • Meet a lot of people
    There are a lot of people already involved in the various Rotary clubs of Moldova. You will get to meet a lot of them and make new friends.
  • Partnerships
    It is a proven fact that when people work together they can perform miracles. And some of the projects we work upon are nothing short of miracles.
  • Programs and Projects
    We have a myriad of programs and projects already in place trying to make a difference and improve people’s lives. One of them may be what you have been dreaming of but you did not have the chance to put to effect. Or you may have a program or project in mind that you cannot find the necessary resources to put it into action. We do.

In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter how you decide to be a part of what we have to offer. What really makes it a worthy endeavor is that you will become a part of the solution to a problem. A problem that may be crucial to a single mother, a child, a family, a small village, a town, a bigger community or an entire country like Moldova.