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What is Rotary?

Rotary is first and foremost service. Service to the community by way of solving problems, promoting peace around the world, advocating education for all children, helping local economies grow and making sure that everyone has access to the basic conditions of living like clean water, enough food and facilities for sanitation and hygiene. More than a million people have joined our 35.000+ clubs around the world to contribute to our objectives.

Who are the Rotary Members?

Our motto is “Service Above Self”. Whoever is ready to abide by this motto is welcome amongst our ranks. Be it a community leader that wants to develop a community that will last and produce solutions to the lives of the people in the community, be it passionate people that want to take action in forging friendships and laying the foundations for a lasting change in the world, or be it people with an ability to solve problems, create opportunities, or simply support our activities anyway they can, are our members.

What Rotary does?

All Rotary clubs are focused on acting within the guidelines of our objective. Rotary International focuses on actions that may have global or continental implications in the context of promoting peace, fighting disease or supporting an education. Local clubs focus on the problems of their local communities in saving mothers and children, providing facilities for clean water, sanitation and hygiene and help local economies flourish. The Rotary Clubs of Moldova have the objective of solving problems inside the country.